Full-Stack Web Developer - Asexual Awareness Advocate - Fighting hate speech online

My Projects
I have quite a few personal projects that include but aren't limited to:
  • SinfulForums I run an internet discussion board where people can connect with each other and share awesome content.
  • SinfulForums (Official Discord Server) I run the official discord server for it's a pretty cool community of it's own.
  • Web Devs (Discord Server) This is a general tech discussion discord server with some web development realated chat. To be honest it's a total anarchy ruled by bots but we love it.
About Me

I'm your friendly web developer - I raise awareness of asexuality and support the Asexual and LGBTQIA+ Communties - I fight hate speech online.

Like my work? Some of my work can get quite costly financially - if you'd like to support me (even just helping me afford an extra coffee helps) - send Bitcoin to my wallet - any donation no matter how small is greatly appreciated.

Find Me On
I am mainly active on Twitter (@lunorian) however you can also find me on the following platforms:
  • Amino I'm an active member of Amino's Asexual and LGBTQIA+ Communities and am open to talking with others about things and making new friendships.
  • Discord: Lunorian#0697 I'm pretty chatty on Discord and run two active Discord Servers - Sinful Forums (Official Discord) and Web Devs (General Discussion and Web Development Server).
  • SinfulForums As expected you can find me on the forum I developed.
  • My buddy Senpai runs this forum and I'm a member and sometimes post there.
  • Greysec I enjoy learning about information security and my buddy Insider runs this forum.
  • Email I sometimes communicate through good old email. You can write to me to [email protected] and I'll respond shortly.
  • XMPP You can send me a message through secure OTR-ed XMPP Chat at [email protected] (thanks Insider and for getting this address setup!)