I was running it with Windows XP. When I inspected the card, the fan was clogged with dust, which I removed with compressed air. Board index All times are UTC. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Please follow these instructions to enable javascript on your browser.

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Please follow these instructions to enable javascript on your browser. So it’s not surprising it’s continuing to work with the fan dead. Comes with a quick install guide, driver software fuzio and one video card.

No fan and it’ll probably fail quickly. I’d just get a passive heatsink for it and be done with it, unless you really want a small fan in the system. I recently burned out a fan header on a motherboard by connecting a seized up fan.

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Last edited by AlphaWing on fs The default heatsink is a joke, for the others fuziln can’t fizion it from the picture, but there are no raised areas on that sink at all, its basically just a metal plate with a small fan over it. I actually had the same trouble with the very same fan apparently, and forgot as you can tell as the sticker is gone. Guessing the can run fanless too, with a big enough heat sink.


I’ve actually seen it never start the fan and the card overheats. I believe the size is 55mm. As far as cards that turn their fans off completely, the only one I’ve ever observed is the FX Ultra, which will shut fz blower entirely off when it drops to idle state it’s kind of unsettling the first time or two you observe it while the card is gaming, but logging indicates that it knows what it’s doing, and never lets the GPU get all that hot especially by modern standards.

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3d Fuzion 3DFR55256P NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 256mb DDR 128-bit PCI Video Card

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Will yhis work with xp and in a desktop that is from This is a part I decided to keep Oct 10th, at 6: But just saying I have seen strange fan behavior on this class of FX cards. Should I run some more benchmarks, or do we know that the fan should always be on? You must have a standard PCI slot on your motherboard to use this graphics card. Doing a little fall cleaning. Oct 10th, at The winner will receive the item pictured.


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If it doesn’t work after that or is making a rattle fusion toss it, and get another much better chipset cooler. Gonna have to figure out how to mount a fuzkon fan on the passive cooler, but its a pin type so thats gonna be hard. So to this day, in the parts stash I still have a never used ABit NForce2 chipset fan assembly, probably the only one left on earth that works. Replaced it with a larger blue heatsink from zalman.

I only used it to upgrade so I could play Half Life lol. That Obobskivich has way more surface area then this sink. The fan casing is quite hot to the touch — F heatsink hot. Thanks for your advice.