It doesn’t allow you to collect and pick. Master’s Northland VIC is showing that they have stock. Seems cheap for the random around home DIY opportunity. But, I have to admit, I rarely need such finesse in the ways that I typically use a drill or impact driver. One of my favorite product-centric quotes is attributable to Paul Niemann of MarketLaunchers. We also love that the tool has an on-board LED light that tells you the battery charge status. You can get trade stuff that is 12v.

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It has a nice thin rubberized handle that is smaller than 12V tools whose handles also store the stem of a battery pack. Would only be good for light duty work. The package contents are twin pack, what does it mean?

Menu Skip to content. In fact, they are among the most expensive 12V tools you can buy. Please read and accept our website Terms and Privacy Policy to post a comment.

As someone who has dropped a tool or two in my time, this is a nice feature not to overlook. It takes sides with right-handers, but a dual-sided switch could potentially take care of that issue.

Unfortunately the batteries are at end of lihtium-ion and lithium-jon don’t make them anymore. The 20v line will be available to pre order this month and is with full Brushless motors. Unfortunately, My house pretty far from the shop.


One of my favorite product-centric quotes is attributable to Paul Niemann of MarketLaunchers. Woman in store told me I had to order online as click and collect to get the discount!

Touch Pro Impact Driver and Drill Review

In addition to comfort, the tool feels like you can lay it down without having to worry about anything snapping off on you. The comment form collects your name, email and content to allow us keep track of the comments placed on the website. The rotary tool is simply amazing.

Compared to in-handle solutions, though, you do get a much more stable tool that looks like a reduced-calorie version of an 18V tool. However – All their stock left has had their batteries stolen, so there are no more Twin packs left.

909 Touch Pro Impact Driver and Drill Review

These buttons are dependent upon constant pressure—and a considerable amount of it compared to a standard trigger. Right out of the gate they get to take advantage of increased lithium-io and the additional power density of the newer cells. After using both tools for a time I gained some additional thoughts about both the drill and impact driver and, in lihium-ion, about the new Touch system itself. It doesn’t allow you to collect and pick.

I would not have been able to do that with any of my 18V tools. I agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy. Op can u plz edit this and post this link to the exact product in detail: The performance lithoum-ion both tools is impressive in terms of torque and speed.


12v Lithium Ion Cordless Drill + Multitool $29 Masters VIC – OzBargain

Our site uses cookies. They even released a 2. This kit seems to indicate that it has two batteries, can anyone confirm?

When you activate the tool, and indeed anytime you operate it after that, the LED lights up for about 5 seconds. InClint was one of the founders of the Pro Tool Reviews online magazine.

I like the compact nature of these tools, and the short length of the T Drill allowed me to insert it down into the engine compartment of a Jeep in order to drill out a new whole to replace a temperature sensor. They could also bundle both tools and save by not having to include two chargers. One thing I did run into was that, when changing bits on the Touch Impact Driver, I kept activating the tool with my hand as I held it.

I also liked the form factor of the batteries.

We can increase torque, increase speed, lower speed etc.