Containing a 6 GB 2. Battery life seems to be holding up well. Users could also copy files straight onto the device without any additional software, which allows the Jukebox to work on any operating system. This cycling continues for the duration that the player is used, but the cycling is not noticeable unless the user is looking for it and does not impact listening at all. Transfer rates for the two drives are shown below. It weighs g. Speaking of the On button, the unit is sometimes tricky to turn on.

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When starting, the unit first reports the current firmware version. Firmware Updates Available Here.

Although it sounds like we are complaining an awful lot, the fact is we can live with all of these minor quibbles given the Archos Jukebox ‘s flexibility and bargain price. When the unit came back up, we unhappily discovered that the entire drive contents were lost. This should make the device more drop resilient than the Nomad. This project became Rockbox. Disconnecting the adapter quieted the hum, but as days passed we could easily hear a loud, similar hum coming from the unit itself when the power was connected.

System Requirements OS Required. The price is certainly right.


Because of the size of the buffer, the Jukebox reads very briefly from the hard drive which then spins down until the buffer is almost played though. Although the manual states that this button only needs to be held down for two seconds, it appears to take more like four.

When set to 9V, we measure this power adapter’s Jukbos output voltage at just under 9V. We had to reformat the drive and recopy all of the data back to the drive.

Another model, the Archos Jukeboxwas also released. The batteries in the Jukebox recharge automatically when the device 0600 attached to the included AC adaptor. AA alkaline batteries are listed at 1. The openness of the standard eventually led to Tomislav Uzelac’s creation of the first MP3 player in In our HDTach tests, the Jukebox posted a random access time of 23ms.

VHJ — The Archos Jukebox

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We checked the DC voltage from the 9V power adapter and were surprised to find that it was over 15V. Our first Jukebox had problems with agchos included AC power adapter. However, the Cadillac of MP3 players have been hard drive based systems.

Archos Jukebox 6000 – digital player Series

This is a full version of the software that supports ripping and MP3 encoding up to kbps with oversampling. With the volume at 15 and with bass settings at normal 0the Jukebox was bearably loud with all headphones and distortion was rarely evident. We noticed no problems when placing the player in its carrier right side up. Traditional music delivery channels have been short-circuited by a digital revolution initiated by work started in in Erlangen, Germany.


It weighs g. There are occasional dropouts lasting about 1 second when playing through a collection of songs.

The Archos Jukebox The only way to reset the unit was to remove a battery, which is a difficult feat in itself. We have used the PowerLine adapter with the Jukebox with great success. You’ll want to get rid of them perhaps in favor of one of the headphones we list 6000 in the Audio Quality section. Dual stereo line out.

Archos Jukebox 6000

Archos Jukebox – digital player jukebox The “lineout” jack worked well with a set of Altec Lansing powered speakers. Includes stereo headphones and pouch. This would prohibit use of headphones not having a right-angled minijack.