Their only response to my queries has been to send me a PDF of the controller manual. It shouldn’t really matter what the OS is since it is a Java application. Contact Us Legal Privacy and cookies. I did find a single link, that stated your mobo doesn’t support Raid with Linux. I realize that the photo is too small so the window said: Do I have to do something special when running on a hardware RAID 1 array in order for the OS to be able to boot and mount the file systems in the event of a disk failure?

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Rebuild RAID 1 array on M2A-VM motherboard with ATI SB600 controller

Maybe try Here, or maybe Here. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. New posts What’s new Latest activity New profile posts. I have tried deleting and redefining the array to include the new drive without initializing the drives in the array. When I had to choose a partition I chose the “Load Driver” opcion and choose the pen folder that I’d downloaded, then appears a controler which name is: I’m used to arrays auto rebuilding, however I only used dedicated controllers.


Am I missing something? Be sure to post back with results.

I am thinking that I might have configured my drive partitions incorrectly within Linux something I am pursuing on the CentOS forums. Also, personally, I would rather send all RAID instructions to a chip separate to the southbridge so it doesn’t have as much work to do, but it may be of little benefit. Joined Nov 14, Messages 2 0. Again, thanks to everyone for there assistance and guidance in this matter.

Forum – Working driver found for SB RAID AHCI Controller on Windows 10

My partition table contains: I realize that the photo is too small so the window said: My version only has 4 options: I get a kernel panic once it tries to mount the filesystems. Controller Configuration Options 1 and 4 are informational only. Did you instal “Webpam”?

Namslas90 New Member Oct 29, I shouldn’t atu to boot into the OS to rebuild the array, right? You can reboot while it is rebuilding the RAID – that’s not a problem. Everything seems to work ok. If you are installing bit Windows 7 then the drivers I supplied won’t work and I’m afraid I have no way of testing if any bit drivers out there will work.


There are no options to set under those two sections. Thank you, and sorry if I haven’t explained cleaely, but I’m from Spain If the OS won’t boot, an application installed within the OS is useless. There seems to be absolutely NO documentation for the SB controller.

I believe you will have to rebuild the entire Raid array ie: I do not have an nVidia chipset.

You just have to have blind faith in it. Hi, I’ve checked it and the sata are plugged in the sb ports If I DO initialize the drives in the array, as expected, all data is lost on the “healthy” drive. View Drive Assignments 2. Why do I have them?

As always, the people here have been more than a little helpful! So, having spent entirely too much time on this already, I have stopped fighting with it.