In order to best assist you, please use one of the channels below to contact the Brother support team. Error animation Error animation displays step-by-step instructions when paper gets jammed. Since your programming is done on the LCD, we have created step-by-step on-screen instructions to help you program your machine. Ask the other party to place the document in their machine and to press the Start or Send key. The LCD will ask you the following message: Chapter 9 Fax Journal activity report You can set the machine to print a journal at specific intervals every 50 faxes, 6, 12 or 24 hours, 2 or 7 days. Page 86 Manual and you cannot change it to another receive mode while Distinctive Ring is set to On.

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Each color has its own correct position. If you have questions about what will disable alarm equipment, call your telephone company or a qualified installer. Brothrr print the faxes in memory, see Printing a fax from the memory on page Record 5 seconds of silence at the beginning of your message.

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You cannot send color faxes with multiple pages. Fax only Fax only mode will automatically answer every call as a fax call.

Before you use this feature, you have to turn on Fax Storage. Make sure that the triangular marks 3 on the paper side guides 1 and paper length guide 2 line up with the mark for the paper size you are using. Availability of these features depends on the model you purchased. Allows you to share the MFC now or in the future.


You are then expected to pack the Machine that Brother agreed to replace in the package from the replacement Machine and return it to Brother using the pre-paid freight bill supplied by Brother in accordance with the instructions provided by Brother. You can change the wall outlets from one RJ14 jack to two RJ11 mfcc.

If you do so, it may reduce the ink quantity and the machine will not know the quantity of ink left in the cartridge. Press a or b to choose Enhance Photos. The LCD will ask you the following message: Printing photos from a memory card or USB Flash memory drive Printing Brorher Before you can print an individual image, you have to know the image number.

Global Network Global Site. Best for quick help with: Chapter 12 Cropping If your photo is too long or wide to fit the available space on your chosen layout, part of the image will automatically be cropped. This manual also for: Page 16 Entering Text Try cleaning the print head again up to five more times.

Document Jam Document jam Documents can jam in the ADF unit if they are not inserted or fed properly, or if they are too long. With our efficient 4-cartridge system only change the cartridge that needs to be replaced. This condition is related to the telephone system industry and is common to all devices that send and receive information brotheer a single, shared line with custom features.


Contact Support In order to best assist you, please use one of the channels below to contact the Brother support team.


If you would like to print photos in PictBridge mode, see Printing photos directly from a PictBridge camera on page Page 10 Entering Fax mode The figures below show the unscannable brothee. Best for help with: Press and hold the universal guide release button 1 as you slide out the front of the paper tray. Page Direct printing from a non-PictBridge camera Distinctive Ring Distinctive Ring is a function of your Brother machine that allows a person with one line to receive fax and voice calls through two different phone numbers on that one line.

Note Always make sure that the paper is not curled. Receiving a Fax Receive modes