Carlos Crespo August 8, , What can possibly be the problem? Actually this turned out to be a terrific little performer. Angie April 15, , I have this modem and it is a piece of shit… I have it setup with a belkin wireless router and I have to unplug everything from it inclusing the coax and ethernet cables 10 times a day and wait for 2 minutes to get it working again when it drops the connection. Soemone Jimmy said that the local IP was

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Scientific Atlanta Dpc Series Cable Modem P/n for Comcast Xfinity | eBay

We just got this modem today that was installed by a Roadrunner person, and even though it was just put in today, there is no connection. Alan October dpd2100,1: Bardhyl July 14,6: What can possibly be the problem? Iam having a Scientific Atlanta cable modem supplied by Virgin Media.


I have a 1. Adam H August 23,6: Rhys July 5,1: Sajwar Saleem June 23,8: Coelho June 24,3: Do you have to have one computer hard wired to the router or can they atlants be wireless?

Jose B October 18,3: Ross Gilchrist December 29,8: Some body help me?

Scientific Atlanta Cable Modem Dpc2100

Tolik November 27,scienticic Michele — I stand corrected. Which leads to me these two questions:. I have the router through comcast cable and it i s soooooo slow almost like dial up. About Contact Privacy Policy. Coelho November 28,8: Ok Our Privacy Policy. Only a power switch would be an improvement imho. Deseo configurar el puerto USB de mi modem dpx para poder salir por ahi a Internet pero no encuentro los Ztlanta para instalarlos alguien tendra por ahi los drivers para configurar el puerto USB del Modem.

Who is your ISP? Desde ya Muchas Gracias.

Gostaria de compartilhar meu moden scientific atlanta com outros micros. Juan Manuel July 23,2: Siempre anda solo una maquina.


I am trying to setup a wireless router network. I really would appreciate it if someone could help me figure out why my connection is so slow.

Scientific Atlanta Dpc2100 Series Cable Modem P/n 4008135 for Comcast Xfinity

Actually this turned out to be a terrific little performer. Gustavo May 4,9: Zak May 3,5: What does this mean?

Light patterns, images, manuals and more helpful info for the Scientific Atlanta DPC cable modem —. Michael June 16,3: