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This can lead to a graininess in highlight areas, where fewer droplets of ink are deposited. Our time for printing typical digicam images was about two and a half minutes, whether from card or computer. When the image and print engine resolutions didn’t match, computer-generated prints showed noticeable “jaggies” along high-contrast edges in the image. The printer itself can adjust the tones, sharpness, gamma, brightness and contrast of the images without using PC software. Once you select a stamp you like, you can set the print size 50 to percent , orientation, and position on the image.

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Printing from a host computer via the USB port requires only about 2: Overall, the P performs very well in the two-dimensional plots, although we can see where it loses some of the bright greens and cyans, as we observed visually. Alpha a7S III – will it kill off the competition? Overall, we felt that the P had a surprisingly broad collor, particularly relative to inkjets. The Background feature allows you to select an image to be printed in the background of the layout.

For Macintosh only USB is supported.

This version was again scaled to dpi before printing. If your image has already been cropped in DPOF, the printer will automatically set its own crop marks.

Olympus P 400 – printer – color – dye sublimation Series

orinter Media Feeder Max Format. Once you’ve determined the trim size you want, press the OK button to set the crops. And essentially all printer manufactures choose the most wildly optimistic interpretation available.

The top arrow button allows you to rotate images, as well as change the number of copies to be printed. Camera JPEGs were about equally fast from card or computer.


Olympus Camedia P – 400 Digital Photo Thermal Printer

In the middle panel, we compare the P’s performance with a competing standalone inkjet printer, the Kodak Personal PictureMaker The SmartMedia and PC Card lamps light up when you select Input on the Mode dial if the appropriate card is insertedand flash when the card is being accessed.

Intellectual property fights in photography disheartening.

Only a month later, concurrent with its E and ERS camera announcements, the company announced a battery-powered dye-sublimation printer designed for making portable, high-quality, 4 x 6-inch prints directly from SmartMedia or CompactFlash memory cards. The printer using the conventional dye-sublimation processing to print Digihal size photographs is extremely expensive and has only been used for commercial purposes.

Even animated like this, it’s still hard to see all the details of the graph: Input allows you to choose between four options for image data transfer: The 3-D plot shows just how good the P is, compared to a conventional printing press: Post Card and 4 Precut.

Olympus Camedia P – Digital Photo Thermal Printer | eBay

To process your own images as Background images, simply select the printer’s Setup mode and prinnter to the Background Setup option. Thus, to get a really complete view of what a printer can do color-wise, you really need to look at a three-dimensional plot of its gamut. The printer features relatively few control buttons, each of which is clearly labeled as to its function. Like the Standard menu, the Card p-4400 offers Print Date and Filter options, plus it offers a Stamp feature that allows you to put whimsical icons anywhere on the print.


As with the Image Adjustment options on the P’s printing interface, adjustments can be made to individual Red, Green, or Blue color channels, or to all of three of them together. Media Cost This is an area that’s difficult to evaluate accurately for inkjet printers due to widely varying ink coverage in different photosbut quite simple to assess for dye-sublimation printers like the P Its printer line is smaller, but it offers the same high quality and technical innovation that Olympus has been known for in its digicam models.

Digital Camera Printer Review: Olympus Camedia P Printer Review

Unfortunately, there is no reliable third-party data available yet on the P’s print life, so we’re a bit up in the air on fade resistance. You’ll see the background go through a Registering process.

Photo paper, photo stickers. Output from dye-sublimation printers such as the P on the other hand, generally do a better job of “fooling” us into viewing them as photographic prints.

In actuality, the P is quite a bit faster at outputting colof photo prints than any inkjet we’ve yet seen. The number 1 represents the most negative adjustment and the number 5 is the most positive adjustment. You can set the tiles to have the same color density throughout the background, or have the density change gradually from dark to light. Don’t know about you, but I’m really miffed about this