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Great, was looking for it myself too. I am trying to connect a Pantech UML to my rpi running wheezy I have tried everything but killing myself to get connected. Try moving your SSH daemon to port 80, or Thank you for commenting! I used it – worked fine!

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Or could you perhaps recommend a few specific modells?

I have also tried wvdial but it does not work on arm as it should. Oppure ma solo se vi interessa mettervi alla prova come “programmatori” in alternativa al “Flash code”, seguite quest’altra guida!

I’ve successfully installed sakis and get it worked perfectly. It’s detected successfully as modem. Yeah, thought of that, but it won’t be that elegant and customizable that I would prefer.

None of them worked reliably. I thought it might be to do with power so, as suggested, I plugged the dongle into a powered USB hub, rather than the Pi directly. The site does appear to be down. I’ve been thinking about installing my raspberry pi in the car with 3g.


Running sakis is quite straightforward. To obtain the new Huawei driver, including Huawei e drivers, you can select from a list of the vast majority of favorite Huawei driver upgrades.


First of all, by running dmesg after inserting the device you should see something like the following lines which, at least, tells you that the device is recognized though not mounted: It’s likely that your network provider is blocking the ports needed.

The SIM I do have, and also a few dongles – do you perhaps know how to check if they have the feature?

Also saw the other great piece about sending SMS’s. The black plug goes directly into the Pi for data. You need to recompile for devices to switch properly.

Questo sito ” Dc-unlocker ” e un esempio, ma credo ne 1e692 altri in rete, basta cercare! Since I’m using the latest revision of the RPi rev 2, the one made in the U. I have the first revision Pi. If it doesn’t know your connection settings if you’re on GiffGaff for example you can manually enter them.

Huawei e1692 drivers for Windows

Make certain that their installation is successful. Will the same steps you described above apply??? I don’t yet have a powered hub, trying the above steps with it plugged directly into the Pi, the device showed in the list, but gave “failed to connect” when selected.


Niternet let you know how it ends.

Alice MOBILE E1692

So, checked my Huawei with DC-unlocker, it is voice enabled. But chiavetat still not solving the issue. Firmware brand E’ riferito a quei firmware che come ultime cifre, dopo il puntino, non finiscono con. Sakis has a fairly comprehensive list of connection details – it should chiavvetta yours automatically and present you with this screen.

Non ho niente da montare insomma, nemmeno come cd rom! Another fantastic point to test is to boot your mobile phone in Safe mode whilst charging to check whether the feature functions.

I started sakis3g but i am not able toi connect to internet. Only the conventional USB dongle is readily available for prepaid connections. Probably it’s a problem of Kubuntu and not Ubuntu and I don’t have Ubuntu version of Karmic, but only the Kubuntu oneso I cannot tell for sure.

I have managed to use the 3G huawi modem interneet raspbx.