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Once Portago commented, “I won’t die in an accident. But his most important characteristic was his vitality: A Sports Reference Site: His success in sports car races, driving Ferraris, earned him the attention of the Ferrari team, and he was signed for the team for the Formula 1 season. The car cannoned over a canal, ricocheted back and killed nine spectators, his co-driver Nelson and Portago himself. Naturally, life as a racing driver seemed tempting to a man of his stature and he started his driving career in , with a debut as a co-driver during the Carrera Panamericana. The footage below commentates on the Mille Miglia, with footage shown of the Ferrari wreckage being recovered.

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At the time of his death, however, he was having another affair with Linda Christian, the ex-wife of actor Tyrone Power.

Fon, Marquis de Portago Bio, Stats, and Results | Olympics at

Lining up 12th on the grid, he moved up places to be third when he was asked to hand over his car to team mate Peter Collins, who went on to finish second to Fangio.

In third place, Portago was travelling at mph on a straight-road in Lombardy between Cerlongo and Guidizzolo when a tyre exploded on his Ferrari S. May 12, in Guidizzolo, Mantova, Italy Title: Supposedly, Carroll McDaniel and Alfonso de Portago were in the process of getting a divorce so he could legitimize his invalid Mexican marriage to fashion model Dorian Leigh who had already aborted their first baby in and then gave birth to their son Kim on 27 September In the other three races he started inFon retired from them for various mechanical failures.


She subsequently married the philanthropist Milton Petrie. His best result was a second place at the British Grand Prix a shared drive with Peter Collinsand scored a total of four championship points.

Also, De Portago liked to follow drivers like Fangio or Moss at short range, rather than leading them. The Racinh Miglia was then abandoned, a further crash involving a Trumph TR3 finally nailing the rally for good.

Once Portago commented, “I won’t die in an accident. Once, as a joke, he scared the hell out of his mechanics just by taking a screwdriver and walking to his racing car.

Fon, Marquis de Portago

The wreck also claimed the lives of nine spectators, among them five children. McDaniel was several years older than de Portago and they barely knew each other. But he never lost his ability to attract women, not even his marriage prevented him from doing so. Then the car bounced back on the road, hitting more spectators, slid over the road, spinning, and ended up, wheels down, in a brook at the other side of the road.

Schell learned him about racing and together they entered several long-distance races. Playboy Alfonso de Portago excelled in many sports.

8W – Who? – Alfonso de Portago

Their first race together was the miles of Buenos Aires. He had many affairs with women like supermodel Dorian Leigh, or Crystal Pretty, the ex of Tyrone Power, although that is still to be argued. The Mille Miglia edition turned out to have been the last in history.

Halfway intoAlfonso headed back to Europe to compete in the Le Mans 24 hours while Harry Schell warned him that a manual-shift car would slow him down. With his long hairs, his four-day beard and his old leather coat, he looked more like a gipsy than the god-son of the Spanish king.


Retrieved 9 April Ferrari works driver Thus, inFon became a Ferrari works driver. They separated and he began an affair with another model, Dorian Leigh, sister of the first super-model Suzy Parker. Reading through his exploits, he sounds like the sort portaog man who could, infuriatingly, turn his hand to anything. The four-man bobsleigh ended up in ninth position. Not that he pkrtago unable to pass them, but he found it easier to find his braking points when he was following.

With Formula One the inevitable next arena, he took place in five Grand Prix and came second at Silverstone in Sitting at home, he received the long-awaited call, being proposed to sign a contract as soon as he recovered.

A tire blew on Portago’s third-place [7] [8] Ferrari S causing it to spin into the crowd lining the highway. Alfonso thought it would be quite a challenge and agreed. Two of the dead children were hit by a concrete highway milestone that was ripped from the ground by Portago’s car and thrown into the crowd.

Inthe waiting would be in vain, but inFerrari did contact him, just to sell him an F1 car, not a seat. A Sports Reference Site: He died during half time at a polo match at a young age.