Table describes the fault tolerance capabilities of the PERC 4 controllers. Screw the bracket to the system chassis. Drive roaming is supported across channels on the same controller. The PERC 4 controller has a speaker that generates audible warnings when system errors occur. Table Firmware Initialization States. Connector is for diagnostic purposes.

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Table Features for Drive Roaming.

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Multiple rebuilds and consistency checks with user-definable priority. See the safety instructions in your system documentation for information about protecting against electrostatic discharge. Write-back, write-through, adaptive read-ahead, non read-ahead, read-ahead.

Disconnect the system from any networks before installing the controller. If the controller appears damaged, or if any items listed below are missing, contact your Dell support representative. Table lists the target IDs. Drive roaming is supported cohtroller channels on the same controller.

The boot block contains the operating system loader and other basic information needed during startup. Connector is for diagnostic purposes. Please consult the system documentation for instructions. The LEDs display in hexadecimal format so that you can determine the number and the corresponding execution state from the Pecr that display.


New 0X6847

Turn off delk system and remove the AC power cord. The firmware takes several seconds to initialize. If the system is powered up before a SCSI device, the device might not be recognized. Support for hard drives with capacities of more than eight gigabytes GB.

Variable for all logical drives: Table Fault Tolerance Features. Dell OpenManage Array Manager is used to configure and manage a storage system that is connected to a server, while the server is active and continues to handle requests.

Two pin internal high-density connectors for SCSI devices. An easy way to do this is to connect the controller to one end of the SCSI cable and to connect an external terminator module at the other end of the cable.

Drive roaming does not work if 4r change both the adapter and the SCSI connectors to different connectors on the new adapter. As the system boots, the LEDs indicate the status of the boot block and firmware initialization and whether the system performed the steps correctly. Table describes the fault tolerance capabilities of the PERC 4 controllers.


Table displays the LEDs and execution states for the boot block. Table Hardware Architecture Features.

Jumper pins to enable software control of SCSI termination through drive detection. You must have the following items to install ec RAID controller:. Single command can transfer data to and from different memory locations.

The audible warnings are listed in Troubleshooting. Continue to load firmware. About to program ATU.

To improve performance in sequential disk accesses, the PERC 4 controller uses read-ahead caching by default. Table displays the LEDs and execution states during firmware initialization.

The cable length can be up to 12 meters for LVD devices.