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I’m running Max 5. For the price you will get a very good sound. I have already 3 rca output and I wanted to use the monitor output as 4th exit.. It’s difficult to compare them because they are totally different. Request a new review.

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Our members also liked: Buy Max 8 Now. I’m not sure about CPU-usage and latency though. Having directsound or mme esu and sound on, selecting the asio driver also turns off audio and the driver-umenu reverses to it’s previous selected driver. Might this be a bug that is already fixed in later versions? On the other hand, it has inputs 4 totalone of them being a 48V amped XLR connector for microphones. I have it chosen for its versatility, its price, the I used to djing but I m’m already used to recorded voice with a Adiomake mixes and arrangements in a home studio and the result was surprising.

No latency during wild scratch sessions.

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Well, that does the same job for much cheaper! For the price you will get a very good sound. The knobs are made of silicone and Agripas kind resortent do not have too much sheet metal little risk of tearing. I bought es for timecode with Virtual DJ. Lol, my question s would be:. Aggregate Device in there’s almost no lag on my old mac.


I am also the owner of a Mackie Onyx FW. At the time I haven’t came across another interface that could do that when I first got thisbut since then I have found a few more that have added that feature.

Zsio USB cable is strong and long enough.

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So my question s: Has aasio figured this out in the past year? The ESI U 46 has a direct wire feature that will allow you to record stuff from one application to another application internally. It’s compact and light, it has a metal housing and the external PSU is something worth mentioning It has anti-slip knobs and they don’t stick out too much from the panel.

For other uses I have not tested yet but know that the output TRS and the presence of 48 V and a Hi-Z input direct connection of guitar make a very nice mobile recording interface. Log in Become a member.

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Write a user review Ask for a user review. It’s good value for money and I recommend it to anybody using mixing software like Mixvibes, Deckadance, etc. Just plug in the USB 2. I’m running Max 5. I have used it on xp, vista and I have seen it used on a mac.


A main difference is the improved analog circuitry improving the audio quality as well as the professional micprohone preamplifier with XLR input.

Not satisfied with those reviews? U46 XL is a powerful multi-purpose 4-in 6-out multi-channel audio interface designed for various recording applications at home or on the road. Depending on what driver was selected before I selected Asio it will either leave everything blank no driver was selected or the values of the previous selected driver never change.

Max-window does not report any errors. I would like to change an internal configuration, I have not successful. I love its versatility, apart from the instalation I u4 nothing has criticized this map it is around euros c is more than a good deal, so I do it again this choice without hesitation.