Throttle and Stick Simulation Controller. Measuring 6 feet, a lengthy wired USB cord allows gamers to recline at a sufficient distance from the computer. It’s a rather steep curve under that surface that is a s light uncomfortable after long periods of time for my large hands. I am not sure if it’s just the particular unit that I received but it feels like there is noticeable latency compared to the old precision game pad. I basically have to reach for them. Show less Show more.

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What mode does is switch the controls from t he left thumbstick to the gmaepad, but there is no need to do that as the d-pad is inferior to the thumbstick anyways. Works with Android TV. They also provide an interface through which users can make the unit mimic the functions of a mouse and keyboard.

In those rare instances when a game doesn’t natively support this controller, Logitech has a slick little program called Logitech Profiler which is a free download gamepadd the Logitech website if your seller doesn’t include software with your purchase that is very much like xpadder, in that lets you create a custom keymap profile for each game you choose, and will even automatically launch the appropriate profile when a game with a saved profile is opened-you can even create macros using the utility.

I found the tradeoff acceptable, but others may be turned off by it. Throttle and Stick Simulation Controller. Two flexible joysticks fit the c310 of the player, and each has a ribbed pad for solid thumb adherence.

F310 Gamepad Designed for the PC gamer looking for an advanced console-style controller.

Skip to main content. It is similar in design to the DS3, which is a huge plus, and in xinput mode switch in the X position on the back of the controller it behaves just like a XBox controller which is great for compatibility with current games. All you have to do is map what keys do what and you’re set.


The grip is big and ergonomic, feels like the best of the PS3 and Xbox controllers. Standard D-pads rest on a single pivot point, resulting in mushy control. I took some points ff310 from the the Logitech Profiler software utility for the grab-your-glasses small text in Logitech Profiler, and for the utility’s slightly cumbersome nature-for example, you have to “record” even single keystrokes before you can assign them to the controller, but this “record” procedure is what enables the F to perform macro functions-it’s a tradeoff-more functionality at the f31 of simplicity.

It features the standard array of controls common on controllers, making it compatible with a vast amount of titles. Sony DualShock 3 Gamepad Works great, drivers were installed automatically by Windows 7, in my case so install was a snap.

Logitech F310 (940-000110) Gamepad

Smooth curves and contoured rubber grips provide long, comfortable play sessions. Does what it should, and nothing else.

Either way, xpadder, of course, still works with the Logitech F I wanted a controller that can I can use on the PC and the PS3, without coughing up a lot of money, and this is what I found. Rubber grips on the frame make for a comfortable fit in the hands of gamers.

Logitech F () Gamepad | eBay

The D-pad glides over four individual switches for a more responsive, tactile feel. Thumbsticks are great, feel like the PS3 thumbsticks. A 4-switch D-pad floats on the left for browsing through in-game inventories or making combo moves on opponents. This controller has been a joy. Show More Show Less. Any Condition Any Condition. Relax a comfortable distance from the monitor or do a victory dance.


If yours does run into wear and tear as my old one did, seven screws make it easy to take down. Gamepac the F with Big Picture and navigate Steam, surf the web, play games and more from the comfort of your couch.

F Gamepad – Logitech

Nintendo Switch Pro Black Controller Product Key Features General Features. Good travel and action but slightly sharp edges.

It doesn’t exactly swim in added bells and whistles, but this controller’s simplicity is what makes it good-and the free Logitech Profiler software makes it even better.

Standard Android TV controls – provided through the Logitech Logo button on the gamepad together with the Back key on the controller – allow you to navigate your Android TV seamlessly. My one non-complaint is the lack of rumble, it’s not too important to me, but it would be really nice if they knocked the F out of existence and incorporated rumble into the F without much of a price raise, then it’d be the definitive alternative.

The F is not best controller out there, but it’s a good one with it’s quirks.