The real crazies are building partial or full cockpits with functional multifunction displays. Be the first to review this item. Since most of us can’t readily cruise the skies in a real AC Warthog, however much we might desire, there’s always the next best thing: The Hotas Warthog has a detachable metal handle with 19 action buttons and a point of view hat. Worth the cost for the A10 alone. The Afterburner detent is disengageable, allowing users to perfectly adapt the throttle control to the type of airplane they are piloting.

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Switch to Desktop view. The magnetic sensor technology used for the throttles bit resolution, with values on each throttle provides unrivaled precision. Facebook Virtual Red Arrows. In addition, the panel features 5 programmable LEDs and adjustable backlighting in case you’re in low-light conditions. Theoretically, the Hall Effect technology should provide for a long, useful life.

In terms of that control panel, you will have 15 action buttons as well as one TRIM wheel at your service. The product’s final mechanical component, the control panel, provides an extensive number and variety of controls.

Personally I have some small issues.

Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick and Throttle,

Attached and ready for action, the stick is mm tall from base to tip. In total, this setup from Thrustmaster features dual throttles with wartjog metal hand rest, a weighted control panel underneath, and a detachable joystick that has a hots handle and a weighted base. In addition, the dual throttles feature a few different systems for extended realism.


Like the throttles and joystick, these buttons require an amount of pressure comparable to that of the actual Warthog’s controls. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

HOTAS Warthog™ Dual Throttle

The level of precision is also enhanced by the absence of any dead zones, so that even the slightest movement of the joystick results in a reaction. My goals, though, were much less lofty—I just wanted a really good stick and throttle with a bunch of buttons.

Bottoming out the two-stage trigger activates the second stage. Simple, no BS packaging, easy to set up, its instantly detected in most games, warghog its ultra realistic, this thing is built like a brick.

Login or Create an Account. On my example the throttle friction dark grey wheel at the top doesn’t work.

I can pull maneuvers that were not quite possible with the x More on the Way Update Location close. TM Warthog HOTAS This is a seriously quality item, I’ve had it a few weeks now and it just continues to impress, the whole thing feels really solid, the switches are also really good quality and it is precise with a nice amount of back pressure.


Glossy black and ringed with brushed metal, the base is capped by a metal ring drilled through with eight screws. Switching to the Idle and Afterburner detents is carried out via a Pull and Push system, for even greater realism. Hotas of our Dreams! Just as important is backup and support!

The joystick boasts 19 action buttons and one 8-way “point of view” hat. While many joysticks utilize mechanical sensors that physically wear down over time and end up degrading the precision of the joystick, Thrustmaster’s use of magnetic sensors prevents mechanical friction.

Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick Weighing in at more than wagthog lbs and using metal [ Package View Show More Less. I have the older Cougar Hotas as well as the Warthog and they have lasted me 8 years and still going strong. It also can be pushed down, giving it five assignable functions.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. This web sites uses cookies. I upgraded from a Saitek X The throttle is a wonder in itself, too bad I don’t have a use for it.