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Rapid Proof-of-Concept Project Planning. Do we need all those seven VIs? Sorry for my vague answer but XBee is not an area I know that well. Can anyone guide me regarding this issue? I have not seen your particular application before however we have many customers who use Zigbe and interface it with LabVIEW. Who is National Instruments?

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Message 10 of Message 4 of I know that lsbview going to be plugged in to COM3. Okay – well we used the terminal program that came off of the Zigbee website and we’ve plugged one of them in to a MC9S12 and got them to talk to each other without a computer. Technical Support Services Labvoew services to meet any need. I am currently a student and am just getting into LabView for a senior project that I have to do with a team.

There’s a fair number of hits regarding Zigbee on the NI site. I will inform you how I do, and you might not hear from me for a while now.

ZigBee Measurement Suite by MaxEye Technologies – National Instruments

Thanks for the patience and help. I understand you are after some information to get started with your project. Mind if someone can help comment on what these VIs do, and how I can utilise these for my simple application?

The User manual begins by explaining how to configure your device and prepare it to communicate with your computer. I hope it makes sense, if not please ask me for more information.


Interfacing Zigbee with Labview VIA RS – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

You need a suitable interface to do this. The data collected by the data concentrator from different nodes is transmitted to the data center server via the CompactRIO GPRS modem, where it can be shared with different applications. Now I want second Xbee to send data to labview. Got a feeling my team and I might have bit labvlew way more we can chew right about now. Sorry for my lavview answer but XBee is not an area I know that well.

Furthermore, after we figure out how to get the Zigbee into LabView my team is going to have to figure out how to split the three signals that are being broadcasted to be split and sampled at different times. Traditionally, utilities representatives manually read meters, which results in limited and inaccurate data.

Can you please tell me how i can start working and if you can provide me with a code in order to transfer something initial?

Actually I haven’t had time to read this yet because I have been working on another section of my project using labview. This makes it viable to read a large number of nodes and justifies implementation and operation costs compared to its benefits. Does anyone know how to get the information that’s coming in via the Zigbee to be placed into a blank VI?


This person has instead used the transmitter side which is controlled via a microcontroller preprogrammed.

Using CompactRIO and LabVIEW to Create a Wireless Monitoring and Control System

Message 7 of Connecting labview to xbee. You may need to use the Advanced Serial Write and Read if you need to set the termination character for VISA to use so it knows when a response from the device has finished. This tells VISA Read to stop trying to read the serial port once it sees lsbview specific character typically this is a linefeed.

Can you provide me or explain to me how i can write this code. My first question for you is have you read the user manual that came with the product?

I think off the top of my head I will need to select laabview specific microcontroller in conjunction with the ZigBee modules. Message 5 of Hopefully you will find some of the information within the above links useful. You know like in labview we can drag and drop controls onto the frontpanel and use this in programs to control stuff.