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Author Write something about yourself. Execute the downloaded file: Maybe it is a clone of the Conexant Hybrid Reference design? May pass without garnering a response—a distinct byproduct of the fact that there are a limited number of developers, whom might be able to help, that are associated with the project. Download V gear mobi dtv pro driver. If the manufacturer provides open source drivers with an acceptable license, volunteers could technically implement this code in the Linux kernel for true support.

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At least they have a different usb id.

Details on development history. Consequently, they are unusable at the moment. Check out the Afatech AF page for information on support.

Mobidtv Mp it comes up as mobidtv dual Does your stick use arcsoft totalmedia as mobidtv software?

Do not purchase The Total Media Application is also no longer supported. Using the driver at Zazz it is sufficient to unzip then within the directory sudo sh.

[linux-dvb] V-Gear MobiDTV Pro

At this stage, AfaTech will not release full specifications, and so these cards are likely to remain unsupported. Realtek submitted a v0. Select the driver needed and. Tried with Ubuntu Many of the devices on this page need a firmware, the best source for firmwares is OpenELEC dvb-firmware repository. Smart Packager Pro works with any application. Should be supported soon writing as of june 30 Hybrid devices have a DVB-demodulator and a analogue capturing chip. The chip vendor Uli [] refuses to open all relevant information.


I bought one of these about three months ago.

v-gear mobidtv pro driver

These boxes can only deliver part of the Transport Stream using a hardware PID filter ; it is not known how to deactivate this. Or buy a device with better support. Do NOT use the firmware http: Normally they share a tuner. Go to the ArcSoft website and see if they mobidtv drivers that support Windows Join mobidtv to comment mobidtv dual to customize your mobidtv dual experience! This has been confirmed to function for this Freecom or Conceptronic stick with usb id: The first revision of this device is EOL but still supported, all hardware Features are supported by Sundtek’s 3rd party userspace driver.

Hello As suggested in your other thread, stick with the driver from the tuner manufacturer if you can get it and try to replicate the W7 settings that worked. If the manufacturer would stop to support the drivers, the userspace driver may still continue to work with newer Linux systems Disadvantages: Same driver may be usable for different Linux versions, depending on what vendor did.


See device page for details.

ASUS also provides drivers for this device through their website [66]. Drivers are used geniatech 3d video player Maybe it is a clone of the Conexant Hybrid Reference design? For example AMD series chipsets e. Sometimes linnux manufacturer forks v4l-dvb all on their own and writes a driver for their device so they can claim Linux support.

[xubuntu] DVB-T USB Tuner

Fully works if the correct drivers are used. Phoenix, Arizona, United States. As linux media drivers are character based, drivers can be also written using libfuse’s character device in userspace example.

Latest Windows drivers dates january and can be downloaded at freecom.