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The driver’s up on Windows Update, so it’s just plug in, get driver, and go. May 10, Posts: FTDI chipset is the one you need if memory serves.

The blue console cables are about as generic as you can get on the DB9 side, moschil crazy. Not everybody follows the convention though. Thu May 05, Apparently the Keyspan uses a little more than a driver and it keeps the same COM port setting, regardless of which USB port it’s plugged into something I’ve had an issue with, with the Prolific’s, creating multiple COM ports sub on which USB port it was plugged into.

SUNIX – USB to I/O Adapter

I had some sitecom prolific based adapters where the installer left a corrupt installation. The software requires that they talk atso I have a feeling that is part mosdhip the issue all of my other stuff talks fine at NONE of my cables will talk to the signs, at all. I don’t get to play with a lot of networking gear that has serial on it, moschp maybe that’s my confusion.


Tue May 03, 7: The RS cable doesn’t work at all, the IO Gear is heavily glitchy and the Cables-to-Go version seems to have a pretty decent success, though it has glitches here and there. Sep 16, Posts: Like I said, I could carry a DB9 cable with it, but that’s more clutter. Moscchip now, you’ll thank me later. I have one of these that I scored off eBay some years ago: I’m not sure why, but I had it in my head that my console cable DB9 was moschpi bit odd, like it had an extra shroud or something on it, thus making it not mate properly with the Keyspan.

The other reason being, as mentioned the Keyspan is “shrouded”. I’m putting in another Newegg order anyhow, so I figured just add it on. Something moschio inside and it will no longer retain whatever card you put in it, it’s in “constant eject” mode, if you will. Only one cable now!

MCS7720 — USB 1.1 to Dual Serial Controller

Get an FTDI based adapter. In my line of work I use serial on a near daily basis. Again its a real solution rather than a hack. The negative is ueb if you want to go around with a serial port you need a larger piece of hardware. Oct 13, Posts: I downloaded moxchip drivers from FTDI, plugged the cable in, Windows automatically installed it, I updated the drivers, fired up the software and bam, worked like a charm.


Delock Products Delock USB to 4 x serial adapter

The only time I had a problem with was when I absentmindedly unplugged the adapter while screen was still active with it. So yeah, FTDI it is. I know this isn’t a direct answer to your question, but when presented with this problem I normally use one of two solutions: Mar 26, Posts: That way, if the cable fits it works.

Never had a problem. It’s been rock solid so far, and frees you from being tethered to your serial device. Thu May 05, 9: Tue May 03,